Save Face | BRIGHTENER Banana Split EP


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Save Face is:
Tyler Povanda - Vocals
Tyler Cranden - Vocals/Guitar
Shane Dermanjian - Guitar
Chris Hranj - Bass
Chris Flannery - Drums

Josh Muncke - Vocals
Shane McCarthy - Guitar
Jake Williams - Guitar
Lachlan Simpson - Bass/Backing Vocals
Patrick Humphries - Drums


released June 27, 2013

Artwork and Design by Mallory Guzzi

Side A (Save Face)
Recorded by Tyler Povanda @ Gumbi Studios. Additional Recording and Engineering by Mike Oettinger @ Cannon Found Soundation.
Mixed & Mastered by Jesse Cannon @ Cannon Found Soundation

We'd like to thank our families, Mal, Cub Rat, the Stampfl brothers, New Res Hall, Travers 4, Curt, and Rob. We'd also like to thank BRIGHTENER, Batten Down The Hatches, Coming Clean, On Your Marks, Cross Town Train, anyone who has loaned us gear, all of the awesome photographers who have taken photos at our shows, and all of the incredible, welcoming people who have helped and befriended us this year. Last but not least, thank you to anyone who ever picked up shirt, came to a show, or listened to our music. It means the world.

Recorded and Mixed @ Broken Sound Studios
Mastered @ Nagasaki Studios

Thank you to our families, Rohan Kumar (Broken Sound Studios), Steve Nagasaki (Nagasaki Sound), all of our friends, Beyond Blue for letting us be a part of the amazing cause to fight against anxiety and depression, our amazing fans and to the people we are yet to meet on the road in the future. Love you loads and see you soon!

This is the Banana Split



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BRIGHTENER Sydney, Australia

Melodic hardcore from Sydney. New EP. What Kind of Mind...

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Track Name: Save Face - Dog Years
I’m so fucking over this.

I’ve been running with the hare while hunting with the hounds. I went to test your waters; you pulled me in to drown. Now every Thursday night is shared by self-loathing and all of the other shit that I hate. I feel like I’m living in dog years. Each year goes by seven at a time.

I’m trying to leave this all behind me, even though right now it’s what I need most. I know I should be happy but I’m not.
(And the worst part is I’m afraid of what I want)

I’m wearing myself thin from the strain and the stress that’s setting in. From thoughts that always twist and bend my bones, and get underneath my skin and inside my head. It seems like now I hate everything more than I did back then.

I know I should be happy but I’m not. And the worst part is I’m afraid of what I want. So if you get what you give, then I’m giving this all I’ve got. And if we’re being honest, I never cared what you thought. I can’t be something I’m not.
Track Name: Save Face - Run With The Hare
Maybe I was broken from the start. I put my faith in something that could easily fall apart. I may have found my footing, but I still feel lost at heart.
Track Name: Save Face - Hunt With The Hounds
Head leaning on my steering wheel in lot three, thinking of the things that are giving me anxiety. Been spending my nights in dives, eyes fixed on crooked forks and knives as if the answers right in front of me.

Mom tells me I look sick, Dad’s still not back from the graveyard shift. I guess by now I’m used to swallowing bricks. Your fucking picture by my bed, by all the hate and the neglect, and all the pain you made it seem like you were in.

I know what you’re all about, and the way you thought you had me figured out.

Just so you know, I’d rather die alone than spend another day with you. So don’t play the victim, you’re only playing yourself. You’ll never be anyone’s anything. And I’d be lying if I said that things went exactly as I planned. And I’d be lying if I said your photo is not still on my nightstand.

Your pain always used to fill up my life. I hope this makes you fill yours with mine. I know people never change. We both know people never change.
Track Name: Light 'Em Up Boy, You're Doin' Good
Where have they gone now, the ones who told me who I should be?
They disappear with every word of sincerity
That leaves my heart and fills my head, but only to the promise of living the words I spread.
I'm not asking this world to leave me alone,
I just want it to follow me on a brighter road.

When was the last time you felt so close to the edge?
Or counted down the days til you were dead?
I'll always stop you from falling into strife.
I'll stop time itself to save your life.
Never become what makes you a lie.
Hold close your name and your dreams in life.
Leave behind the hate that clouds your eyes,
And come to love who you truly are.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't always been this way.
Broken bridges and breaking bonds have made me realise who I should be today.

Take my hand and follow me
You are so much more than you claim to be
Track Name: His Return, He Hoped For
You are the truth in my heart.
The constant strength in my mind.
The brightest light in my dreams.
The greatest life in my smile.

You've been through the worst, I thought you'd live forever.
Each day brought you a challenge, but you always conquered.
I'm so sorry for when I was too busy
To sit down and spend time which made you so happy

You are the truth in my heart.
The constant strength in my mind.
The brightest light in my dreams.
The greatest life in my smile.

I won't let you go.
You won't let me fall.
From another world.
You will keep me safe.

Over the sky, your tears rain down on me,
And I relay these back to the Earth in which you sleep.
I always knew this would happen in the future,
I just didn't expect it yet.
Open your ears and hear these words
That I scream with all my will.
I promise to make you proud,
Just keep my sky free of clouds.

I'll never be perfect,
But I'll strive to be my best.
With your heart I keep safe in my chest.

I'll disregard those who hinder me
So I can prove to you
I'm more than what I appear to be.

Don't let your light stray from me,
My constant source of positive energy,
Don't let your light stray from me.

I can't save them on my own
While holding hands with a ghost.
This love is all I have to show.
Teach me patience and a faith
That will suffice and take your place.

Or come back.
Just come back.
This little boy needs his father back.

Don't let your light stray from me,
My constant source of positive energy.
Don't let your light stray from me.