(Un​)​Luckiest Child


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Did someone turn off the lights? I can't even see my feet.
The smell of hate lingers in the air as I wander through this street.
I hope mum and dad don't find out, I've been lost here for hours.
In this place I can be alone, I can finally shower.

The bruises and scratches that decorate my face,
Are from the hands of the same people that call me a fucking disgrace.
It's so hard to believe that there's a god watching over us.
They're destroying what I live for, and whom I dearly trust.

We need a mother, we need a father.
Not two prison guards who think it's their job to harm us.
We're fighting for our lives, it's not getting better.
What gives you the right to drop your kids?
Watch them shatter.

I can see him counting down to his last breath.
He's getting worse.
His head starts to fill with doubt, and he's afraid to cry out.
He then closed his eyes for the last time.

Oh brother, why did you decide to leave?
Was death better than to endure reality?
I hope they see the royal mess that they made of me,
And the remains of the golden boy who protected me.
Mum and dad, you accepted responsibility,
But now it's me, sitting here feeling guilty.
How does it feel to have two kids, so strong and bright,
And only be able to tuck one in at night?

I promise I'll be who you'll never be,
A father who loves his family more than anything.
I'll raise my kids to help damaged people like you,
'Cause I know you're lost, you just need someone to see you through.
I pray that you come good, for my brother's sake.
He was the lord's, he was never fucking yours to take.
I may forgive you one day, it'll have to wait.
I'm busy building a life, free of violence and hate.
So this is goodbye, hopefully for a long time.


from What Kind of Mind​.​.​., released May 19, 2014



all rights reserved


BRIGHTENER Sydney, Australia

Melodic hardcore from Sydney. New EP. What Kind of Mind...

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